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Amy Boquist & Children




Italian Bambini


Self Portrait As Buccaneer

Susan & Kyle

Dan & Kyle in Cotton Trailer



Portrait of children

The process is a simple procedure of collaboration between the client and artist. It will begin with a discussion of the size, subject, setting and theme that will best capture the true essence of the person. As every individual is unique, the concept that works best will vary from individual to individual. For one, a sense of dignity and prestige might be conveyed, whereas another might want to evoke a sense of glamour, innocence, or mystery. The portrait could be given a narrative to show the person involved in an activity that describes much about the individual. Throughout history, many portraits have been highly imaginative, even portraying the individual in a mythological or allegorical setting. The possibilities are endless and this is where a high degree of creativity can be applied to produce a true work of art.

The next step will be a photo shoot of the subject, taken in a setting that is convenient & comfortable, as the background can be photographed separately. If it is not possible for the artist and subject to meet for this, the artist can communicate via email or other means to provide suggestions on lighting and composition so the client can take their own photographs that will work for the piece.

The photographs will then be reviewed, often during the same meeting as the photo shoot, to determine which combination of expression and posture best conveys the spirit of the subject. The client will receive regular updates of the progress via email or in person, giving them full opportunity to provide input into the creative process.

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